About C-Nav

C-Nav Global Positioning Services
C-Nav® is a dynamic DGNSS Precise Point Positioning system that provides worldwide accuracy of better than 5cm horizontally and 15cm vertically.*

C-Navís Worldwide Correction Service accuracy is the same anywhere in the world. It does not suffer from spatial decorrelation, which is a common problem with traditional DGNSS technology. C-Nav offers a broad range of receiver options with a variety of subscription services.

An expansive toolkit of hardware and software products is available to support any navigation and positioning requirement. These include C-Monitor, C-Navís QA/QC system used for viewing and documenting system performance; C-Mariner, a ring laser gyro inertial navigation system; and C-Tides, a Mean Sea Surface (MSS) tide application, which leverages on C-Navís exceptional vertical precision and accuracy.

Intuitive graphical interfaces and touch-screen displays are incorporated with these tools for simplicity of monitoring and control.

C-Nav Options and Pricing

To select the high accuracy positioning solution that best meets your needs, or for additional information about C-Nav Correction Service, contact a C-Nav Office in your region.

*At one sigma within adequate INMARSAT and GNSS satellite visibility




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