Bringing Inertial Navigation Down to Earth:


Following a multi-year co-operative venture with Honeywell Aerospace, we now offer an INS using the same hardware trusted by airlines around the world. The system is type approved by the US Coast Guard and bears the EU Marine Equipment Directive wheel mark.
  • 1nm/hr. navigation quality INS
  • GNSS quality parameter driven integration
  • 0.05 deg heading accuracy (1sigma)


  • Automatic lever arm calibration
  • Dual GNSS aiding inputs 
  • Acoustic aiding input (2015)

Over its development period, the original software was adapted from an aircraft environment to perform optimally in even the hardest marine conditions. This was accomplished while maintaining the rigorously tested hardware that was approved by the FAA, for which safety and reliability are paramount. 

The Mariner INS uses Honeywell's Ring Laser Gyro technology with a proven track record of 3.6 billion hours in safety of life applications.

Optimized for use with C-Nav3050 GNSS receiver, the unit is offered in 3 software upgradable versions:

  • CM300 Heading, pitch and roll
  • CM400 Heading, pitch, roll and heave
  • CM600 Heading, pitch, roll, heave, position and velocity

The C-Mariner uses industry standard data formats for input and output, with a capability of generating custom outputs as an option. A wide variety of interface options and displays are available, including legacy repeater drivers.

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