C-NavC2 Corrections Service

C-Nav Coverage MapThe C-Nav® Corrections Service is a global system for the distribution of dynamic GNSS Precise Point Positioning corrections, giving the user the ability to position anywhere in the world with exceptional reliability and unprecedented accuracy of better than 10 cm (4 inches). The GNSS and GLONASS corrections are broadcast via Inmarsat geostationary satellites, thus the user needs no local reference stations or post-processing to get this exceptional accuracy. The worldwide coverage of the geostationary satellites delivers a consistent high level of accuracy virtually anywhere from 72 N to 72 S latitude.

C-Nav customers now have the choice of two redundant clock and orbit correction messages with the addition of the C-NavC2Corrections Service. Like C-NavC1, C-NavC2correctors are broadcast by two independent satellite correction services, Net-1 and Net-2.

Subscription service

The C-Nav Corrections Service is a subscription service. The user pays a subscription fee, which licenses the use of the service for a predetermined period of time. Subscriptions can be requested online via the C-Nav Authorization Code Request Page, or by contacting a C-Nav Representative in your area.

The only piece of equipment needed to use the C-Nav system is a C-Nav receiver. C-Nav offers a variety of receivers configured for different applications. Details on all C-Nav products are available from the C-Nav Product Page

Subscribers can apply for access to a worldwide network of GNSS Monitoring Stations via the C-Nav Monitor Site to preview the amazing accuracy of C-Nav anytime, anywhere.

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